Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Well I got my wish -- Michelle can say Mama! She's saying it over and over, mostly in a monster voice (hey, I don't mind I'm just glad to hear it!) "Mama" "Maamaa" "Ma-ma-ma" and just in time for Mother's Day on the weekend. The first time she said it was in the car with my Mom. Why is it that all her milestones seem to happen when she's with my sister or my Mom?! I'm with her 24-7 and then someone else is with her for two minutes and she does something for them that she's never done for me! Oh well. I was happy to hear it. "Do you hear that?" my Mom asked from the backseat (she always sits in the back to keep Michelle entertained during long trips) "She's saying Mama!" "I know!" I said "I can't believe it!" I was hoping she would say Mama before Mother's Day and she has. I hope this wish coming true thing is a trend and if so I'd like to reiterate to the universe that I REALLY WISH I WOULD WIN THE LOTTERY! NOW! :)

Michelle has also been saying "Baba." Her favourite word is "Tee" -- meant to be tree I thought because she kept saying it and pointing at the palm tree but then she also says it for everything. When she's eating "Tee" when we're outside "Tee" when she's playing with her toys "Tee." Sometimes she'll say a word incessantly until she tires of it. Luckily "Dada" has been put to rest. I hope Mama never gets old. The most distressing word she keeps saying now is "Die!" at least that's what it sounds like. I don't know what people must think when we're out. She's my baby monster, growling and yelling "DIE!" (I guess there is a little of her father in her!)

I love the Spring weather and have been enjoying it with Michelle but there's so much to do. Spring cleaning inside and outside the house. Sometimes it's overwhelming. I try to wait until she's asleep to do things but that doesn't always happen so I've had to improvise. I managed to vacuum the house and even mow the lawn with her in her kangaroo pouch. It wasn't easy. I was throroughly exhausted and my back and shoulders ached but I did it. I joked with Michelle "Want to trade places for a minute?" I thought how nice it would be to ride around while someone else did all the work. Michelle seemed to enjoy it. The weather has been gorgeous. Almost like Summer rather than Spring.

I've started taking bubble baths with Michelle. She's getting a little big for the whale tub on the counter and I thought it would kill my back leaning over with her in the big tub. I also thought how nice it would be to have bubble baths again myself (I've missed them!) Michelle loved it. She had fun playing with her rubber duckies. I was a little nervous at first (it can be tricky trying to navigate a tub with a slippery baby) but it worked pretty well. We had both been outside all day and were hot and sweaty (me especially) so it was nice to get fresh and clean for bed.

I try not to think about July because it's too scary. Michelle and I are so inseparable I don't know how on earth I'll manage leaving her. She loves my Mom so much though. Mom is the only one I would leave her with. My Mom said she wouldn't want anyone else to watch Michelle anyway. I just hope she can manage. Michelle exhausts me and Mom is even older to be watching a baby. At least Michelle will be walking by then and hopefully won't expect to be carried a lot. I hope she'll be good for Grandma. Anyway, I'm trying to enjoy the present without worrying about two months from now. Hopefully it will all work out.

I'll have to keep these posts short and sweet. There's so much to do these days and never seems to be enough time. Michelle is napping on my shoulder at the moment (she wouldn't let me put her down. Yeah the crib thing didn't pan out. She wakes up screaming the instant I put her in it every time now so I've just given up) and my left arm is going numb. Sometimes I'm so exhausted and sore and think I just can't go on and then she'll surprise me and kiss my cheek and it's all worth it. And hearing "Mama" (even in a monster voice) is music to my ears.


  1. Yeah!! I'm so happy for you that Michelle said Mama!! Elena & I have baths together too! Once she graduated to the tub, it would kill my back so one night, I jumped in with her & never looked back...she loves it!! & Now in the last couple weeks, she'll get in the shower with me too, she was afraid of the shower at first but now she feels like a big girl showering like Momma & we can get in & out quickly...Have an awesome Mother's Day!!

  2. Thank you! Happy Mother's Day to you! :)