Thursday, May 30, 2013


She was the first person I called when I found out I was pregnant (and she's actually the one who suggested I get the pregnancy test just to be sure when I missed my period.) She is the one to call whether it's to cheer me on in times of triumph or to cheer me up in moments of defeat. She is the best sister and the best friend that anyone could hope to have and I'm so grateful that she's mine. She's my sister, May.

When we were kids I have to admit I was a little bit afraid of her, especially during those moody teen years. She always seemed to be angry and in a hurry. I mostly just tried to stay out of her way. I always admired my big sister. She was beautiful and smart and I wanted to be just like her. As a child I used to copy her. I wanted all the same toys she had. When she had to learn a song and dance routine for school I wanted to do it too. The best compliment I ever got was when I was a teenager and an old friend of hers saw me and thought that I was May at first. Several people said that we looked alike. As we got older we became close friends. Through the years she has remained my dearest friend and confidante. No one "gets me" the way she does (and I'm not always easy to take!) Whenever I need a sympathetic ear to listen, a voice of reason, advice, wisdom, kindness, humour -- she is the one I turn to.

We have the same strange sense of humour and have shared some amazing laughs over the years (including some bizarre inside jokes that no one else would get). Even when things would go wrong May would find the humour in it and lighten the mood -- "See a few things, LEARN a few things" she said one time when we got lost, a phrase that stuck with me for years. Any time things would go wrong I'd hear her saying "See a few things, LEARN a few things" -- every experience is a learning experience and sometimes bad experiences become the best anecdotes. Even if you can't laugh about it at the time you see the humour in it afterward. We had some hilarious moments when we used to go nightclubbing. We couldn't believe some of the strange characters that approached us. It was always fun being with May no matter what happened. No one makes me laugh like she does (until I'm in tears and almost wet myself.)

We always shared a lot of the same interests -- fashion, Barbies, scrapbooking, interior design, gardening etc. We like the same shows (we're both fans of The Bachelor and Bachelorette series and I love talking about the show with her. Incidentally Desiree is the new Bachelorette and I love the show so far!)

I never expected to be a Mom. That was one thing I didn't think we would ever have in common. May had mentioned on a few occasions years ago that she thought I'd be a good Mom and was surprised that I didn't want kids. It just wasn't something I ever imagined for myself. My sister told me (and of course she was right) that there is no love that compares to the love you feel for your child. My sister is such a sweet and loving Mom. Since having Michelle I have turned to her so many times for advice when I was panicked over something. She always managed to calm me down, to talk me through whatever the "emergency" was. Kind, understanding, sensible, non-judgmental, supportive, she has a way of putting everything in perspective. I always feel better after talking to her. She always reassures me that everything will be OK. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her. She has helped me out of some of the darkest days and most stressful experiences of my life.

I do talk to my Mom a lot too. Of course, it's different with Mom. She can be negative. She's a worrier. She's not someone you want to talk to if you're already stressed out because she won't exactly put your mind at ease! I know she means well when she checks in on me all the time but sometimes she does stress me out even more. I am grateful to have had input from both my Mom and my sister since having Michelle though. Getting advice from two experienced Moms is a huge help when I'm struggling to figure things out. My Mom and sister are so different but in a way they balance each other out, like yin and yang (or good cop bad cop!) Being a first time Mom and a single Mom at that I've really needed their support and I am so grateful that they've been there for me.

We celebrated May's birthday at my Mom's place. I wanted to give her something special. With money tighter than ever these days I couldn't afford anything extravagant so I gave her a gift from the heart instead. I also wanted to dedicate a blog to her to thank her for being the amazing person that she is.

It's only fitting that she's named after the month of May, arguably the most beautiful month of the year -- Spring/Summer, flowers blooming, perfect weather (most of the time -- although this year it has been unseasonably hot and cold on certain days so you just never know!) I was born in May too of course but obviously Mom couldn't have two Mays. I used to wish I'd been born in April because I like that name and then we could have been April and May.

There definitely is only one May. She is the most extraordinary person I've ever known. Everyone who knows her can't help but love her. I am grateful to call her my big sister and my best friend. For all that you do May, thank you from the bottom of my heart. xo


  1. I am of the belief that the most precious gifts come from the heart. & this post! What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful sister! Having that kind of support is priceless!

    1. Thank you! She means the world to me. I can't thank her enough.