Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Birthday times two!

My niece Shannon and nephew Reggie were born on the same day, eight years apart. It still blows my mind and is proof that the Universe works in mysterious ways. I would think with 365 days in a year the odds of having two of your children born on the exact same day (even if you tried) would be astronomical, unless of course they were twins!

We celebrated their birthday(s) recently and it was a chaotic event with the whole gang there (both my brother in law's family and my sister's). I was relieved and happy that Michelle was so good for the event. You just never know. It could have gone either way. She didn't have much of a nap so I expected her to be cranky but I think she was fascinated by all that was going on and having little kids running around.

Reggie was trying out his "Angry Birds" face for the picture. Most of his gifts had an Angry Birds theme. I don't quite get it myself. From what I understand it's a video game/cartoon and series of toys and other merchandise based on birds being angry with pigs for trying to take their eggs. Someone is making millions of dollars from a simple idea.
Michelle always loves being at my sister's place. She enjoys seeing her cousins and she likes having so much room to move. My sister joked that maybe Michelle would start walking at May's house because it's the place she first crawled perfectly. When it was time for dinner I asked my Mom to keep an eye on Michelle while I quickly grab a plate. Michelle was playing on the floor in the living room. Next thing I knew my Mom was in the kitchen too. "Where's Michelle?" I asked her. I looked over and saw her standing in the middle of the floor by herself. My dad was still in the room to watch her. She seemed to be doing fine on her own. She can stand for quite a long time now and when you approach her with open arms she will take several stumbling steps toward you. "It's only a matter of time. She'll be walking on her own any day now!" someone said.

She kept getting caught up in her dress as she tried to walk and crawl. It was a little big on her. The straps didn't adjust. We ended up tying them at the back with a ribbon. It's so hard finding things to fit her now. She can wear anything from size 9 months to 12 months depending on the brand. She's tall for her age but quite slim so pants are often falling off of her. Dresses really aren't practical, especially when she's crawling and learning to walk but I love putting dresses on her. She's got several pretty little dresses and I want to make sure she wears all of them before she outgrows them. With her hair still so short you really wouldn't know she was a girl if I didn't dress her in dresses and girlie colours. Even dressed in pink sometimes when we're out people will ask "How old is he?" or "Is it a boy or a girl?" I can't wait until her hair is long enough to put it in little pig tails. Sometimes the ends curl up a little and my Mom thought maybe she'd get curly hair like her cousin Reggie.

Some days she's difficult and cranky and other days she's my perfect little angel. It all depends on how much sleep she gets but her sleeping is impossible to control or predict. Sometimes she'll settle down for naps and go to sleep at night no problem. Other times she refuses to nap and complains that she's tired all day but still doesn't sleep at night. She's my moody, unpredictable little redhead.

Shane's Aunt was at the party and telling me that she had a redhaired child who was so hyper and intense that they would "vibrate." My Mom piped in how Michelle clenches her fists and shakes with excitement. I am glad that Michelle is so intense. I love watching her excitement. I also love that she is so affectionate. She loves to snuggle and say "Awww" with me, my Mom, her favourite stuffed monkey etc. As difficult and demanding as she can be sometimes it's worth it to have my complex, fascinating, unique little ginger girl. I wouldn't have her any other way.


  1. My brother & I were born exactly 2 years & 1 day apart. My mom actually went into labour during my brother's 2nd birthday party but didn't deliver until the next day...we always teased my parents because 9 months prior to our birhtdays is my Mom's birthday wink wink ;)

    Elena has the same problem with clothes! She is so tall & needs size 5 or 6 for length (at 2 years old no less!!) but pants are too big for her tiny waist! I can only buy the ones that have those sizer buttons & then pull them all the way tight! & even then, without a diaper they'd likely fall off!!

    1. I guess we know how your Mom celebrated her birthday! :)
      That's cute. I guess the clothes will be hit and miss. She's usually in 12 months now. I have some 12-18...